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On Demand! Webinar: Bonding Process Considerations for Diagnostic Microfluidic Consumables

In the process of creating a polymer injection molded product, proper bonding of the (diagnostic) consumable is crucial.

Which considerations influence the selection of the right bonding process? And how to select a bonding technique that exceeds all application requirements, such as high bond strength, excellent optical properties, smooth surface and more?

If you have any questions about bonding technologies for your polymer injection moulded consumable, you certainly should see this On-Demand Webinar!

During the webinar, our expert panel will share valuable insights:

  • The function and purpose of bonding (classic slide to slide bonding, hybrid integration, bonding of components to surfaces)

  • Overcoming challenges – such as channel clogging

  • Bonding technologies overview and their pros and cons (solvent-, thermal-, adhesive- (UV), PSA assisted bonding, laser and ultrasonic welding)

  • From lab to production: how to scale up

  • Bonding process development during product development - how does that work and when does it become relevant

This Flow Alliance webinar will be your guide to select the ideal bonding process for your diagnostic microfluidic consumable.

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